Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Arti dari nama beberapa grup K-POP

2NE1: New Evolution of the 21st Century

AOA: Ace of Angels

B1A4: Be the One, All For One

B2Y: Babyboys 2 Yearninggirls

Baby V.O.X: Baby Voices of Xpression

B.A.P: Best Absolute Perfect

BEAST: Boys of EAst Standing Tall

Block B: BlockBuster

BTOB: Born TO Beat

C-Clown: Crown Clown

CHI-CHI: Creative electronic House Idols

C.N Blue: Code-Name Blue

C-REAL: Chemi Redee Effie AnnJ Lenny

EVoL: Effective Voice of Ladies

EXID: EXceed In Dreaming

F.T Island: Five-Treasure Island

GLAM: GirLs be AMbitious

g.o.d: Groove Overdose

GP Basic: Girl Power Basic

HITT: Here Is The Top

H.O.T: High-Five of Teenager

JYJ: Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu (the names of the members)

MBLAQ: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality

NU’EST: New Established Style and Tempo

RaNia: RegenerAtioN Idol of Asia

SeeYa: See You Always / See You Again

S.E.S: Sea [Bada] Eugene Shoo (the names of the members)

S.L.I.M: SunLight In the Morning

SS501: 5 Superstar Singers as 1 Forever

TEEN TOP: Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next generation Talent
Object Praise

TVXQ: Rising Gods of the East (based on the Chinese pronuciation
of the group’s official hanja: 東方神起 “Tong Vfang Xien Qi”)

U-KISS: Ubiquitious Korean International Super Star

ZE:A: Children of Empire (based on the pronunciation of their Korean name: 제국의아이들 “[Z]Jegook-ui Aideul”)

Credit: Kmusic;
via: Exotic Babyz

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